Complete a Credit Voucher Form

Use this step-by-step to complete the Credit Voucher form.

  1. Complete Credit Voucher using the guidance provided below
  2. Confirm Total in CV Categories and Total in Explanation of Credit sections match.
  3. Confirm contact information is on voucher, print and send via interoffice mail or US mail to CRO.


  • Attach no more than 100 checks to a Credit Voucher form.
  • No more than 10 lines of coding per credit voucher
  • Always attach an adding machine tape of all checks in your deposit.
  • Remove check stub attachment or any document(s) attached to check.
  • Do not list travelers checks in the deposit as cash; include them in the U.S. check total.
  • You must submit deposit Canadian/U.S., Canadian/Canadian, note, and foreign checks using individual separate Credit Voucher forms for each category.
  • Only one check allowed per Credit Voucher for Canadian/Canadian and foreign checks.
  • No more than 25 checks allowed per Credit Voucher for Canadian/U.S. checks.                                           
See also: Cash Receipts