Complete a Credit Voucher Form

Use this step-by-step to complete the Credit Voucher form.

  1. Complete Credit Voucher using the guidance provided below
  2. Confirm Total in CV Categories and Total in Explanation of Credit sections match, if they do, move on to step (4).  If they don’t go back through work and modify until they do match.
  3. Print and sign Credit Voucher
  4. Submit to CRO

Credit Voucher Guidance

  • DATE: Auto populates the day you prepare the Credit Voucher
  • TUB/ORG: Enter the Chart of Accounts coding for the TUB and ORG submitting the Credit Voucher
  • PREPARED BY: Enter the name of the individual preparing the Credit Voucher
  • PHONE NUMBER: Enter the phone number of the individual preparing the Credit Voucher
  • SCHOOL/UNIT:  Enter the name of the school/unit submitting the Credit Voucher
  • RETURN ADDRESS:  Enter the address of the TUB submitting the Credit Voucher
  • CV CATEGORIES: Enter numbers into the correct category.  For more information, refer to the Quick Ref - CV Categories
  • CV CATEGORIES TOTAL: Auto populates
  • EXPLANATION OF CREDIT: Describe the transaction.  This is the description that will be listed in the Detail Financial Listing
  • AMOUNT: Enter the line item amount for the account that is to be credited
  • DR: If this is a debit item please type in YES.  If this is a credit please leave blank, in most instances TUBS will leave this blank.
  • TUB, ORG, OBJECT, FUND, ACTIVITY, SUBACT, ROOT: Enter the complete Chart of Accounts coding for each line item. 
  • TOTAL: Auto populates


  • Attach no more than 100 checks to a Credit Voucher form.
  • Do not list travelers checks in the deposit as cash; include them in the U.S. check total.
  • Always attach an adding machine tape of all checks in your deposit.
  • You must submit deposit Canadian/U.S., Canadian/Canadian, note, and foreign checks using individual separate Credit Voucher forms for each category.
  • Only one check allowed per Credit Voucher for Canadian/Canadian and foreign checks.
  • No more than 25 checks allowed per Credit Voucher for Canadian/U.S. checks.                                                          
See also: Cash Receipts