Request Stop Payment on a Check

To place a stop payment on a check you must complete the Check Inquiry Request Form. For payment types other than Accounts Payable (B2P) such as Payroll (P/R), Student Refunds (SRO), continuing ed. (DCE), etc. you will need to contact the central business owner to request the stop payment on your behalf.  For Buy-2-Pay payments follow the instructions on the form by hovering over the appropriate fields.  Once received in Cash Management the stop payment will be placed and in effect within 24-48 hours. 

You will have to provide valid expense coding for checks that are labeled escheatable in Buy-2-Pay that you want to redeposit.  At the end of each fiscal year all uncashed or outstanding checks with a prior calendar year date become escheatable. If they remain unclaimed and not reissued or re-deposited they will be turned over to the appropriate state.