Set up a Merchant Account

Before you request an account:

  • Make sure you are familiar with Credit Card association rules and Merchant Agreement (HCCMA), and security and risks associated with accepting credit cards. A new credit card merchant account should not be requested without a full understanding of the responsibilities and alternatives.
  • Review information in handbook and self assessment questionnaire and evaluate whether the business need warrants the effort and cost required to obtain and maintain a credit card merchant account. 
  • Review alternatives to a merchant account, such as the online registration vendor for conferences and events.

Merchant accounts must be requested by your Financial Dean for local units or by your Financial Director for Central Administration Departments. A  for making the request is available here and in appendix C of the handbook. Consult the handbook for step-by-step directions to set up a new merchant account.

Each Merchant request must be accompanied by both an Attestation Form and a Trustkeeper PCI Compliance Certificate in addition to internal forms.

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